Investing in Commodity or Commodity Company ETFs – which one should I choose?

The ongoing growth of the Australian ETF industry means that investors who have an interest in obtaining exposure to commodities are now able to choose between Commodity ETFs or Commodity Company ETFs. In this post I describe some of the key differences between these two types of products and why an investor may decide to

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5 Things You Need to Know About ETFs

With a lot of investment information already being brought to you on a regular basis by my colleagues through the BetaShares blog, including relatively heavy posts entitled “Investing in Times of Market Panic”, “Risk Markets Continuing to Sink” and “Investment Outlook Still Being Weak”, I thought I’d keep my piece light hearted and fun to

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The Top 6 Tips for Trading ETFs

ETFs are becoming an increasingly popular and mainstream investment tool for individual and institutional traders alike. By now, most people know that ETFs can be bought and sold like any share on an exchange (like the ASX), through a full service or online broker. However we often get asked if there is anything else that

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