New Financial Year

New (financial) year’s resolutions

It’s that time of year again to start making some financial resolutions and review your portfolio. Last year, we were addressing some portfolio ideas in light of the volatility in markets.  As I write this year, by contrast, volatility in markets is at multi-year lows (over 50% lower than this time last year). So like

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Give your portfolio the “EX” factor

When it comes to the Australian sharemarket, there are a couple of mantles Australians can claim over our international counterparts. Firstly, Australians have some of the highest levels of share ownership in the world, with 33% of us owning shares directly*.  Secondly, by global standards,  the concentration of this ownership in large-cap shares is relatively

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New (Financial) Year’s Resolutions

The new financial year is the perfect time to make some financial resolutions and review your portfolio, particularly in light of the recent – and continued – volatility in markets. Of course, your personal financial resolutions will depend on your investment objectives, but here are some ideas to spark some thought.

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A SUPER Strategy to consider

Following on from my recent blog, ‘Utilising leverage in investment portfolios’, I’d like to show you a potential gearing strategy you could consider within a Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF). Remember this all assumes you’re comfortable with the concept of gearing and are willing to accept high levels of investment volatility and potentially large moves (both

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Gearing up: Utilising leverage in investment portfolios

Like most kids (and many adults I dare say), my three young girls love playing with Lego. With such a big age difference between my eldest (11) and youngest (4) we regularly have both “Lego” and “Duplo Lego” out simultaneously. For those who don’t know, Duplo is Lego for smaller children being twice the length,

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