Less Volatility, More Action

Dr ETF, I am trying to carefully build a nest egg. I understand I need to be at least partially invested in a diversified portfolio of stocks, but I find the level of volatility… uncomfortable.  I’d like to at least reduce the level of volatility a bit, even if it means giving up a bit

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Dr. ETF: Bear not wanting to hibernate

Hi all, the Doctor is back again, with some more “prescriptions” for you! My previous diagnosis can be found here and here.  Remember, we are not giving personal investment advice as we do not know your individual financial situation. Before investing, you should make sure you fully understand the products, their benefits and risks.

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Trading the China circuit

There’s been a lot of press in the last few days about the implementation and subsequent removal of ‘circuit breakers’ in the Chinese market.  As we’ll show below, the evolving intervention of regulatory authorities in China is not unlike the US experience.  If anything, the Chinese regulatory response to the market reaction to circuit breakers

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Explaining the BetaShares Geared U.S. Equity Fund (ASX: GGUS)

I joined BetaShares as Portfolio Manager and Head of Quantitative Research in mid-July 2015. It’s an exciting time to be here as since then another four people have joined and we’ve launched two new products – BetaShares Geared U.S. Equity Fund – Currency Hedged (hedge fund) (ASX: GGUS) and BetaShares U.S. Equities Strong Bear Hedge

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