Australian ETF Review – February 2017

BY Ilan Israelstam | 14 March 2017

Industry hits new record high as market rebounds.

The Australian ETF industry returned to its growth trajectory in February, hitting a fresh record high. Total industry FUM at the month end was $26.1B, a growth of 3.6% or $911m. The growth for the month was evenly split between appreciation in asset values and net new money, with $476m of net inflows this month.

Market Cap

  • ASX Exchange Traded Funds Market Cap: $26.1B – New record high
  • Market cap growth for month:  +3.6%, + $911.0m
  • Market cap growth for last twelve months: 26.6%, +$5.5B

New Money

  • New unit growth for month (units outstanding by number): 2.0%
  • Net new money (units outstanding by $ value): +$476.0m


  • 202 Exchange Traded Products trading on the ASX

Comment: One new product launched this month – Switzer Dividend Growth Fund (ASX: SWTZ), the 10th Active ETF launched on ASX to date

Trading Value

  • Average trading value up 13% on last month


Top 5 category inflows (by $) – Feb 2017

Category                                                          Inflow Value
Australian Equities $ 154,455,886
International Equities $ 147,259,612
Fixed Income $ 69,008,976
Cash $ 43,246,397
Commodities $ 34,940,995

Top category outflows (by $) – Feb 2017

Comment: No outflows at a broad category level

Top sub- category inflows (by $) – Feb 2017

Category                                     Inflow Value
International Equities – US $ 109,326,099
Australian Equities – High Yield $ 94,595,085
Australian Bonds $ 49,778,290
Cash $ 43,246,397
International Equities – Sector $ 35,500,907

Top sub- category outflows (by $) – Feb 2017

Category                                                                      Outflow Value
International Equities – Developed World ($ 38,795,240)
Australian Equities – Short ($  3,189,655)
Oil ($  1,573,470)
International Equities – Europe ($  725,688)



  1. David  |  March 15, 2017

    I am interested to know where you access this data from? I am a financial adviser and we are using a growing number of ETF’s for clients.

    1. Ilan Israelstam  |  March 15, 2017

      Hi David,
      We have been running our own internal database for the last 5 years, using a variety of sources including ASX and Bloomberg. If you’re interested we might be able to allow you to use these reports on your website etc?

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