Active vs passive investment

Active v Passive: is passive investment outperformance merely cyclical?

A claim currently receiving renewed attention in the long-contested active versus passive investment debate is that the apparent outperformance of passive investment strategies is largely cyclical, and usually only takes place in the late stages of a bull market.  This note, however, argues that while there may well be an element of cyclicality in passive

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Dispelling the ETF myths

ETFs – dispelling some myths

Due to the strong growth and popularity of the ETF industry, ETFs receive a large amount of media coverage. While most of this coverage is positive and constructive, there are always a few ‘rogue’ articles (often written by active fund managers) which aim to point out the “dangers” of investing in these products. The primary

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Understanding ETF liquidity

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are well known for their low cost and diversification benefits, however, their level of liquidity and ability to closely track the price of the underlying securities they hold are advantageous for investors but tend to be less well known and sometimes misunderstood. To understand how ETFs maintain this ability, it is

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New (Financial) Year’s Resolutions

The new financial year is the perfect time to make some financial resolutions and review your portfolio, particularly in light of the recent – and continued – volatility in markets. Of course, your personal financial resolutions will depend on your investment objectives, but here are some ideas to spark some thought.

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Webinar wrap-up – Gold shines amid global volatility

Last Thursday we had over 200 interested investors join our latest webinar to hear from David Bassanese, BetaShares Chief Economist and Justin Arzadon, Director of Distribution as they discussed the topic: Gold shines amid global volatility. The session was held as the heightened levels of global share market volatility and uncertainty continue along with the re-emergence

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