Read expert opinions from the BetaShares Portfolio Management team

Portfolio Insights

Expert opinions from the BetaShares Portfolio Management team

BetaShares Portfolio Insights series aims to share the investment expertise and opinions of the BetaShares Portfolio Management team.

Each Portfolio Insights will focus on current market conditions and their impact on your clients’ portfolios, along with analysis and implementation ideas.

Why fixed income at low yields still makes investment sense

BetaShares Chief Investment Ofiicer, Louis Crous
July 2019

In this month’s Portfolio Insights, BetaShares Chief Investment Ofiicer, Louis Crous, explores the challenges of investing in fixed income in a low-yield environment. The paper examines a number of factors to consider when assessing whether allocating to fixed income in a low-yielding world still makes investment sense. In particular, we revisit the concept of yield to maturity and look at the performance of fixed income over shorter timeframes, the importance of diversification, and the risk of capital loss should yields rise.

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Investing in Tomorrow: Understanding Thematic Investing

Don Hoang, Assistant Portfolio Manager and Ilan Israelstam, Head of Strategy
March 2019

Where can thematic investing add value to clients portfolios? In this month’s Portfolio Insights, BetaShares’ Assistant Portfolio Manager, Don Hoang and Head of Strategy, Ilan Israelstam explore the case for thematic investing, including the rise in its popularity, the rationale behind thematic investing and how it can assist in reducing investor exposure to short-term economic cycles. Unconstrained by the traditional industry sector or geographical boundaries, thematic investing allows advisers to position clients’ portfolios for a future that may look different to anything we are accustomed to.

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Investing in tomorrow

Musings on retirement savings

Roger Cohen, Senior Investment Specialist
October 2018

In this month’s Portfolio Insights, BetaShares’ Senior Investment Specialist, Roger Cohen, challenges default super allocations for millennials. This is the first of a series of papers that Roger will author to be known as “Challenging the Norms” – which aim to provoke thought amongst financial practitioners and challenge commonly held views and practices. In this piece, Roger questions whether traditional notions of asset allocation are really the right choice for young investors with long investment horizons.

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Cash or bonds: what’s been the better equity diversifier?

By Chamath De Silva CFA, Portfolio Manager
August 2018

In this month’s Portfolio Insights, BetaShares Portfolio Manager, Chamath De Silva, illustrates, using historical analysis, the potential volatility reduction and overall diversification benefits investors can achieve from adding either cash, government bonds or investment-grade corporate bonds to an equities portfolio. In particular, the analysis illustrates the “efficiency” benefits that longer-maturity bonds, rather than cash, can have on a portfolio when combined with equities; historically generating higher returns with lower volatility

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Designing a Smart Alternative Approach for Investing in Australian Small Companies

By Thong Nguyen CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager
July 2018

In this Portfolio Insights, BetaShares’ Senior Portfolio Manager, Thong Nguyen, illustrates how taking a systematic approach to investing in Australian small-caps can be an attractive alternative to both a passive-index tracking approach or capacity-constrained active approach with high concentration risk to individual shares. The note also provides an actionable implementation vehicle by which to pursue such a strategy.

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Size does not always matter – an Australian equity perspective

By Louis Crous CFA, Chief Investment Officer
June 2018

In this Portfolio Insights, BetaShares’ Chief Investment Officer, Louis Crous illustrates why investors and their advisers should consider looking outside these blue-chip stocks in order to potentially capture compelling long term risk-adjusted returns and earnings growth benefits. The note also provides an actionable implementation vehicle by which to pursue such a strategy.

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Lifecycles, risk tolerance and leverage

By Chamath De Silva CFA, Portfolio Manager
May 2018

In this Portfolio Insights, written by Chamath de Silva, Portfolio Manager, we look at the role of ‘human capital’ and how such capital should be considered when making asset allocation decisions, and how the often misused tool of leverage can play into such decisions. In particular, Chamath explores the role that careful use of leverage can play in capital efficiency and life cycle asset allocations, particularly for younger investors.

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Bond Composites and Duration: An Inconvenient Truth

By Chamath De Silva CFA, Portfolio Manager
March 2018

In the first Portfolio Insights article Chamath De Silva, Portfolio Manager, discusses the current state of the bond markets – where the increase in duration combined with a spike in volatility amid rising inflation mean that fixed rate bond holders are taking on more risk than they may actually be aware of.

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