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The BetaShares Adviser Edge series aims to provide you with investment ideas that can be implemented using ETFs, and resources to help you communicate those ideas to your clients. Each month you’ll receive an email containing a brief summary of the idea, with a link to a page on our website with more detail.

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Sources and sinks: Achieve exposure to a range of climate change solutions with ERTH

An in-depth look at the innovation needed to address global warming, and how investors can gain exposure to companies developing the solutions.

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Achieve better portfolio balance with the BetaShares S&P 500 Equal Weight ETF (QUS)

Equal weighting is simple, yet has been an effective methodology. The S&P 500 Equal Weight Index has outperformed the market cap-weighted S&P 500 Index by more than 2% p.a. over the last 20 years (to 30 November 2020). Discover the reasons for that outperformance and how QUS can be used in portfolios.

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Ethical investing: 5 tips for avoiding the nasty surprises

Today’s ethical investor is increasingly well-educated, and insistent that the products they invest in are aligned with their values. We set out five guidelines to help advisers ensure they are serving their ethical clients with products that meet their expectations.

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Credit LITs vs Fixed Income ETFs – which passed the COVID-19 test?

The fixed income component of a portfolio should provide defensive benefits and diversification. We put credit LITs and fixed income ETFs to the test, assessing how they have measured up in this year’s challenging market conditions.

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The 3 most important things for core portfolio allocations

Core exposures are the foundation of every investor’s portfolio. Read about three essential characteristics of core exposures, and examples of ETFs that we believe meet these criteria.

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Access the growth potential of the powerhouses of Asian technology

Asian technology stocks have proven resilient in the current environment. BetaShares ASIA ETF, which provides exposure to a diversified portfolio of leading Asian tech companies, is well-placed to benefit from the sector’s growth potential.

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A look behind the labels reveals that not all ethical ETFs are created equal

Not all ethical exposures are the same, with important differences in methodology and the rigour of screening processes between ethical ETFs. Learn more about the strict sustainability and ethical standards applied to BetaShares' four ethical ETFs.

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IIND: simple-to-access, cost-effective exposure to India’s fast-growing economy, with the kicker of a recent cut to Indian corporate tax rates

What does a cut in the corporate tax rate and China-U.S. trade war mean for the Indian economy and the BetaShares India Quality ETF (ASX: IIND)?

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Does your portfolio have the EX factor? EX20 offers a diversified Australian equities portfolio without doubling down on the big banks and miners

A portfolio comprising companies outside the top 20 offers the potential for growth without increasing exposure to stocks most investors already hold.

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True to label ethical funds, allowing investors to profit from their principles

BetaShares’ two ethical funds, ETHI and FAIR, apply stringent responsible investment screening criteria, without trading off financial performance.

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Enhanced income with the potential for lower portfolio volatility

BetaShares’ YMAX and UMAX funds employ a call option writing strategy that generates extra income and has the potential to reduce portfolio volatility.

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A fixed income blend with the potential for higher returns and improved portfolio diversification

A combination of two of our fixed income funds, CRED and QPON, has the potential to outperform funds that track the AusBond Composite index.

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