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Institutional Insights

The BetaShares Institutional Insights series aims to provide you with information on how institutions around the world are using ETFs, as well as present investment ideas for your consideration.

Each quarter you’ll receive an email containing a brief summary of an investment idea, with a link to a page on our website with more detail.

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The two largest ethical ETFs currently on the ASX, with strict ESG screens to deliver ‘true-to-label’ exposure

BetaShares’ ESG funds ETHI and FAIR employ some of the most stringent ESG screens in the industry, and have done so without sacrificing returns.

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A fixed income blend of ETFs offering efficiency, the potential for outperformance, and the ability to fine-tune fixed income exposure

A combination of three of our fixed income funds, AGVT, CRED and QPON, provides exposure to both credit and duration.

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