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hybrids victory

Frankly amazing: why hybrids are a big election winner

Reading time: 4 minutes The surprise Federal election result has been positive for hybrids, and good value appears to remain in this sector.  The market’s overreaction to franking credit fears, moreover, highlights the benefits of active management in this complex area. Fading overreaction to the Labor Party Policy When Labor initially announced their proposal to

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Port in storm_hybrid sell off

Port in the storm? Hybrids performance during market sell-offs

Reading time: 4 minutes Hybrid securities last year again demonstrated their ability to hold up well in the face of equity market volatility. Hybrids: impressive risk-adjusted returns The Investment Manager of our Active Hybrids Fund (ASX: HBRD) recently wrote a post discussing the strong performance of the hybrids market last year.  Indeed, the index of

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fortifying your portfolio

Late Cycle Bull Markets: 5 Ways to Fortify Portfolios in 2019

Reading time: 4 minutes Beginning in early 2009, the current global equity bull market has been one of the longest on record. While no-one can pick the exact top in the market, a growing number of analysts concede the bull phase is at a mature stage and downside risks are accumulating. Bear markets, when they

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Investing in hybrids – how does HBRD stack up?

In the analysis below we have studied the performance of the BetaShares Active Australian Hybrids Fund (managed fund) (ASX:HBRD) from inception in November 2017 to 31 July 2018, against a range of alternatives. These include an ASX hybrids index published by index provider Solactive (which is the benchmark for HBRD), the fixed-rate Australian bond benchmark

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