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The Great Rotation: is it time to consider Value?

The recent pull back in global equity markets has tended to fall most heavily on growth orientated stocks, which have also run the hardest in recent years.  Given the maturing global equity bull market, this suggests it might be opportune to consider a tilt towards more value orientated stocks, as is possible through fundamentally-weighted indexing

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Tight oil supplies could fuel interest in energy stocks

Tight oil supplies could fuel interest in energy

With solid global demand and ongoing supply side disruptions, oil prices could well remain reasonably firm over the coming year. If so, there may be investment opportunities in energy related ETFs. In this post, I examine the dynamics of oil and investment opportunities further. Oil Market Appears Tight Since bottoming in early 2016, global oil

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Buffett bites again...

Buffett bites again – why the tech giants still impress

Despite concerns regarding high valuations and potential regulatory backlash, the latest earnings reporting season continues to highlight the strong and well diversified sources of earnings the tech giants are still able to harness.  This post delves into the actual earnings performance of some of the leading names in the NASDAQ-100 Index. US earnings continue to

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U.S Market Outlook: back to 2004?

Amid the geopolitical concerns simmering across the globe, the upcoming United States earnings reporting season has received less than usual attention. That’s a shame because early indications suggest corporate earnings are travelling reasonably well.  In fact, despite high valuations, US stocks could keep rising if earnings continue to grow – as seen, for example, between

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How to trade exchange traded products: A practical guide for investors

Editor’s note: One of the most common requests we get from investors is for content that provides practical examples of how to use our funds in their portfolios. In this guest contribution, Matthew Felsman, Private Wealth Adviser at APP Securities, discusses some ways that he has seen clients using ETFs first-hand. Over the last 15

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