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How to invest in the solar energy revolution

The demand for solar powered energy solutions is set to grow strongly in coming decades, reflecting both the urgent need to deal with climate change and solar’s rapidly improving cost competitiveness.
Investors can now consider the BetaShares Solar ETF (ASX Code: TANN), which provides exposure to a portfolio of leading companies that are making solar energy more accessible,

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How to invest in the future of food

Technological innovation is re-shaping every part of our lives, from how we work and entertain ourselves, to what and how we eat.
Given the rising global population, and improvements in living standards, demand for protein-rich and highly processed food is destined to continue to grow strongly. Yet meeting rising food demand through traditional ways has led to increased environmental,

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cyber security

Cybercrime vs. cybersecurity: how to invest in the escalating arms race

Cyberattacks on both individuals and companies are on the rise, and with geopolitical tensions running high, specifically around the Russia – Ukraine war, could we see the case for investing in cybersecurity increase even further?
In this blog, I’ll explore the growth of the cybersecurity industry, as well as the financial implications to governments and individuals as they look for ways to protect themselves from the growing threat of cybercrime.

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Electric Vehicles: Road to disruption

Electric Vehicles: The road to disruption

At the intersection of technological innovation, demographic change and the transition to a zero-carbon economy, electric vehicles (EVs) will benefit from one of the strongest megatrends of the 21st Century. This article looks at the history of EVs and examines ways in which EV technology may impact the cities of the future.

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Crypto equities vs cryptocurrencies: Is there room for both?

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Bitcoin and Ethereum cryptocurrency ETFs are set to hit the Australian market as soon as tomorrow. With the markets as volatile as they are, and with more choice soon available for crypto-oriented investors, does it make sense to hold both crypto equities exposures and cryptocurrency exposures in the same portfolio?

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more to driverless vehicle

There’s more to driverless vehicles than just Tesla

Reading time: 4 minutes
Electric vehicles have been transforming the automotive industry for over a century. But one of the major changes influencing the cars of tomorrow is the creation of driverless vehicles, or those that are fully autonomous.
We’ve covered how fast the world is charging down the electric avenue with the production and utilisation of electric vehicles,

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A deep dive into the BetaShares Asia Technology Tigers ETF (ASIA)

Can the Asian tigers roar back?

Reading time: 4 minutes
Volatility is nothing new for Asian markets, particularly after a period of prolonged uncertainty throughout the Asian tech sector.
However, recent commentary from the Chinese government has led to renewed optimism, and  China’s underlying economic environment could prove to be accommodative for growth stocks across the continent over the coming year.

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The changing face of healthcare: How to invest in the digital health revolution

Reading time: 3 minutes
Due to population ageing and rising income levels, healthcare spending is expected to continue to grow faster than global economic output over coming decades.
Spending is also likely to increasingly favour digital health solutions over the traditional way of delivering healthcare, as technological innovation helps improve efficiency,

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The green lining: Europe’s march to clean energy

Reading time: 2 minutes
Putin’s war, aside from creating one of the largest humanitarian crises in recent decades, has highlighted the need for Europe to wean itself off Russian oil and gas and accelerate the continent’s transition to renewable energies.
In this article I’ll explore Europe’s dependence on Russian fossil fuels,

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