Seize global opportunities

Add international shares to your portfolio

It has never been easier for Australian investors to broaden their investment horizons and diversify their portfolios by accessing international opportunities on the ASX.

BetaShares offers a broad range of international exchange traded products that provide access to specific regions, growth sectors, countries – or even the whole world. BetaShares international funds are like a passport for your portfolio.

Find growth opportunities beyond Australia

Australian investors are well aware that the local sharemarket is heavily concentrated, with significant weightings in particular to financials and resources. There are a number of other sectors, however, which have strong growth potential on a global scale but that have traditionally been difficult for Australian investors to access directly.

For example, sectors such as technology, cybersecurity, healthcare and agriculture are tipped for growth as the global population and life expectancy increases and our lives turn increasingly online, but there are only a very small number of Australian companies operating in these sectors.

BetaShares’ international and global sector Funds can provide investors access to these opportunities as simply as buying a share on the ASX.

No additional paperwork or administration beyond establishing a brokerage account

All BetaShares Funds are Australian-domiciled which means there is no additional paperwork or administration when you buy any of our international funds. For example, this means investors are not required to complete US W8-BEN forms or risk any estate tax implications, both of which are a possibility when one invests in non-Australian domiciled (or “cross listed”) ETFs.

Our Global Share Funds

Broad Regional & Country Exposures

ASX Code Description
QUS FTSE RAFI U.S. 1000 ETF – largest 1000 US companies as measured by fundamental size
HEUR WisdomTree Europe ETF – diversified portfolio of globally competitive European companies
HJPN WisdomTree Japan ETF – diversified portfolio of globally competitive Japanese companies

Equity Income

ASX Code Description
UMAX S&P 500 Yield Maximiser Fund (managed fund) – large capitalisation US stocks (as measured by the S&P 500 Index) + quarterly income that aims to exceed dividend yield of the underlying shares alone

Global Sectors

ASX Code Description
NDQ Nasdaq 100 ETF – largest 100 non-financial securities listed on the NASDAQ stock market, comprising some the world’s most innovative companies such as Apple, Facebook, Amazon & Google
FOOD Global Healthcare ETF – largest global healthcare companies
BNKS Global Banks ETF – largest global banks
HACK Global Cybersecurity ETF – leading companies in the global cybersecurity sector
FUEL Global Energy Companies ETF – largest global energy companies
MNRS Global Gold Miners ETF – largest global gold mining companies
DRUG Global Healthcare ETF – largest global healthcare companies

Risk Managed

ASX Code Description
WRLD Managed Risk Global Share Fund (managed fund) – diversified portfolio of global shares + active risk management strategy which aims to defend against losses in declining markets


ASX Code Description
GGUS Geared U.S. Equity Fund (hedge fund) – cost-effective geared exposure to the returns of the U.S. share market


ASX Code Description
BBUS U.S. Equities Strong Bear Hedge Fund – seeks to generate magnified returns that are negatively correlated to the returns of the U.S. sharemarket

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