Manage risk across your portfolio

with BetaShares Managed Risk Series

Looking for sharemarket exposure, with reduced risk?

Investors face a basic investment challenge – if they invest too cautiously, by allocating heavily to asset classes like cash and bonds, they risk insufficient investment outcomes required to fund future needs. However, if they invest too aggressively, for example via heavy allocations to shares, they risk exposure to significant losses during sharemarket declines.

BetaShares developed its Managed Risk series specifically to meet this challenge.

The Managed Risk series investment strategy

The BetaShares Managed Risk series combines:

  • Exposure to shares – providing investors with the opportunity for capital-growth and dividend income.
  • An active risk management strategy – which seeks to reduce volatility and defend against losses in declining markets.

Our aim with these funds is to give investors a smoother investment ride.

Who may the Funds suit?

The BetaShares Managed Risk series may suit an investor seeking sharemarket exposure but who may also be concerned about uncertain financial markets. The BetaShares Managed Risk series can be particularly relevant in meeting the needs of SMSFs, pre-retirees and retiree investors.

Benefits of the Managed Risk series:

Using these Funds, investors have the potential to:

  • Receive sharemarket returns with the potential for reduced downside in declining markets.
  • Obtain exposure to an income stream from the dividends of the Australian or global sharemarkets.
  • Reduce the impact of volatility on their portfolio and experience a smoother investment ride despite changing market conditions.
  • Gain cost-effective exposure to a portfolio of shares in a single trade on the ASX.

Explore the Funds in the BetaShares Managed Risk series

Managed Risk Fund Series

ASX Code Description
HVST Australian Dividend Harvester Fund (managed fund)
AUST Managed Risk Australian Share Fund (managed fund)
WRLD Managed Risk Global Share Fund (managed fund)

Read our Introduction to BetaShares Managed Risk series

How to invest in BetaShares Funds

All BetaShares Funds can be bought or sold during the trading day on the ASX, and trade like shares.

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