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BetaShares Education

The BetaShares education centre contains helpful resources for investors. Learn the essentials of investing in ETFs and other exchange tradeable funds, watch educational videos and download whitepapers and special reports.

Understanding ETFs

Learn what an ETF is, how they are constructed, and why more investors are utilising ETFs in their investment portfolios.

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How to invest in ETFs

Find out what you need to know about buying and selling ETFs.

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Whitepapers and Research

Download the latest educational material from BetaShares, covering a wide selection of investment and product related information.

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Video Library

The BetaShares video library showcases a wide range of investment related content, including ETF explainer videos, media interviews and educational material.

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Our FAQ section answers some of the common questions relating to ETFs, including how to invest in ETFs, how ETFs are structured and much more.

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