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Global ETF Review Q2 2019 - fixed income

Global ETF Review Q2 2019: Fixed income stretches lead

Reading time: 3 min
As 2019 reaches its half-way point, we have seen a continued and marked preference by investors for passive strategies at the expense of actively managed strategies, along with an overall preference for investing via the ETF structure. Overall U.S. ETFs received ~US$56B of net inflows versus outflows in traditional managed funds of ~US$8.5B.

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Re-opening trades

Re-opening trades: three attractive global value opportunities

Reading time: 4 minutes
With global growth benefiting from the vaccine rollout and re-opening of shuttered parts of the economy, so-called ‘value’ investment exposures have been performing, and could continue to perform, relatively well. This note outlines three potentially attractive global value opportunities from the suite of BetaShares funds.

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