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Commodities and conflicts

Commodities: Does the Russia/Ukraine conflict reinforce the bull case?

Reading time: 4 minutes
History tells us that geopolitics rarely matters for markets, except when it does, and then it’s the only thing that matters. Recent announcements from Western officials were significant and historic, and countered the prevailing belief among analysts that the West wouldn’t risk short-term economic pain in order to damage the Russian war effort.

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Apple v apples

Value or growth? Why not both

Reading time: 4 minutes
In the vast universe of investment approaches, perhaps the largest divide is between growth investors and value investors.
Growth investors are willing to pay a premium for earnings, sales or revenue growth, while value investors target companies, sectors or even regions that they believe are being undervalued by the market based on their fundamental value,

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U.S. Elections: what does the ‘blue wave’ mean for investors?

U.S. elections: what does the ‘blue wave’ mean for investors?

Reading time: 1 minute
Prior to November’s Presidential election, we discussed three possible outcomes and some of the potential investment implications of each scenario.
Having won both seats in Georgia’s Senate run-off elections, the Democrats have now gained control of both the White House and Congress (via the vice-presidency tiebreaker) – giving them a stronger platform for the legislative action necessary to implement their agenda for government.

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U.S. Election: Three possible scenarios, and ways investors could play them

U.S. election: Three possible scenarios, and ways investors could play them

Reading time: 3 minutes
With the U.S. Presidential election now less than a week away, many investors are currently considering how the potential result could impact their portfolios. While, as our Chief Economist David Bassanese noted in his U.S. Presidential election preview, markets ultimately learn to live with whomever the U.S.

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No franking worries

No franking worries! Generating income without relying on franking credits

Reading time: 4 minutes
The proposed removal of franking credit rebates that is part of the ALP’s election policy has been an ongoing point of discussion over the last 12 months. Irrespective of debate around the upcoming election or the form any rule changes may ultimately take,

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ETF liquidity in action: A real world example

One of the most common questions I get asked on ETFs relates to liquidity, largely driven by the common misconception that ETFs are somehow illiquid due to the fact that ‘on-screen’ liquidity at times appears limited (particularly compared to popular shares). Even though we have dealt with this area a number of times in other posts,

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