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U.S. Election: Three possible scenarios, and ways investors could play them

U.S. election: Three possible scenarios, and ways investors could play them

Reading time: 3 minutes
With the U.S. Presidential election now less than a week away, many investors are currently considering how the potential result could impact their portfolios. While, as our Chief Economist David Bassanese noted in his U.S. Presidential election preview, markets ultimately learn to live with whomever the U.S.

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The Coronavirus/oil double whammy: reassessing your defence - defensive allocations

The coronavirus/oil double whammy: reassessing your defence

Reading time: 4 minutes
Fears around the impact of the coronavirus have been compounded by oil’s woes, causing the biggest falls on Wall Street since the GFC. On Monday, the S&P 500 index fell 7.6%, triggering the first automatic halt in trading in more than two decades,

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India corporate tax cuts

Indian Corporate Tax Cuts: The Spark that Lights the Fire?

Reading time: 2 minutes
Late last month, the Indian Ministry of Finance announced a large reduction in the base corporate tax rate from 30% to 22%, including a preferential tax rate of 15% for new manufacturing investment. The effective tax rate will be cut to ~25% (after surcharges and levies) vs.

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No franking worries

No franking worries! Generating income without relying on franking credits

Reading time: 4 minutes
The proposed removal of franking credit rebates that is part of the ALP’s election policy has been an ongoing point of discussion over the last 12 months. Irrespective of debate around the upcoming election or the form any rule changes may ultimately take,

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ETF liquidity in action: A real world example

One of the most common questions I get asked on ETFs relates to liquidity, largely driven by the common misconception that ETFs are somehow illiquid due to the fact that ‘on-screen’ liquidity at times appears limited (particularly compared to popular shares). Even though we have dealt with this area a number of times in other posts,

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Why Do SMSFs Choose to Invest in ETFs?

ETFs have been gaining popularity with Australian investors since they first launched on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) nearly 17 years ago. For many SMSF Trustees, ETFs offer a combination of advantages that align well with many SMSF and retirement planning goals. For a number of SMSFs, ETFs can be a particularly useful investment option and can be used in combination with traditional actively managed funds and individual shares.

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Global Energy Companies: A 2018 turnaround on the cards?

After close to a decade of underperformance there are strong indications that 2018 could finally be the turnaround year for the world’s major energy companies. In this post, I provide some reasons why this could be:
The synchronised global growth currently being seen across developed and emerging markets should provide support for oil demand.

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Global ETFs

Banking on growth? A review of our International Sector ETFs

It’s been over 12 months since BetaShares launched a range of ETFs providing Australian investors with exposure to portfolios of sector specific global companies in a single ASX trade.
This suite of funds has been well received by our investors as a simple and low-cost way to access specific investment themes and sectors.

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