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Technology webcast

Tech Webinar Session #2 Recap – Afterpay and WiseTech talk the future of Aussie tech

In Session #2 of our recent Australian Technology Leaders webinar, the CEOs of Afterpay and WiseTech Global shared their stories of entrepreneurship, innovation and resilience, discussed the potential for Australian companies on the global stage, and provided a glimpse into the future of Australian technology.
Afterpay CEO and Co-Founder,

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Technology webcast

Tech Webinar Session #1 Recap – the growth opportunity in Aussie tech

With the ASX featuring a number of technology stocks that are making their mark globally, Australian investors seeking growth opportunities in the tech sector can start the search in their own backyard, according to a discussion during our recent Tech Leaders event.
The session focused on growth in the domestic technology industry,

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The investment case for Australian Tech & ASX: ATEC

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On 4 March 2020, we launched the BetaShares S&P/ASX Australian Technology ETF (ASX: ATEC), the first ETF focused on providing access to Australia’s fast-growing technology sector. ATEC offers exposure to a diversified portfolio of ASX-listed tech players such as Xero, Afterpay, Seek, WiseTech Global and

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The Australian Technology Sector (ASX: ATEC) : A home grown growth opportunity

The Australian Technology Sector (ASX: ATEC) : A domestic growth opportunity

Although the technology sector retains a relatively small weight within the local share market by global standards,  it nonetheless has the potential to offer attractive long-term growth opportunities for investors.  In this regard, a convenient and diversified way to tap into this potential is via the recently launched BetaShares S&P/ASX Australian Technology ETF (ASX: ATEC).

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COVID-19: current state of play (Virus Crisis Webinar recap)

Reading time: 2 minutes
The coronavirus continues to take its toll on economies and sharemarkets globally.
In the third session of our “Virus Crisis” webinar series, BetaShares Chief Economist, David Bassanese, provided an update on the impact, while Associate Director of Adviser Business, Alistair Mills, led the discussion on investment ideas for three market recovery scenarios.

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Global Robotics

Global Robotics: potential value opportunities following the market pull back

As a high growth sector with strong exposure to Asian markets, it’s no surprise that global robotics companies suffered a setback with the downturn in global equity markets in 2018.  That said, given the strong longer-term outlook for robotics remains generally undiminished, the recent pull back in prices has improved valuations and may provide investors an entry point into this attractive investment theme.*
Market pull back drags down robots
Along with the downturn in global markets and Asian sharemarkets in particular,

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Invest in human progress

How to invest in human progress

Forget about fake news – have you heard the good news?  In 1990, 35% of the world’s people lived in absolute poverty.  By 2015, just 9.6% did.  By 2015, more than 1.25 billion people were lifted out of extreme poverty, which is roughly 138,000 people per day. The Brookings Institute calculates that half of the world’s population can now be considered middle class.

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