Craig Higson, Author at BetaShares
Not all indices are created equal

Not all indices are created equal – taking a fundamental approach

Reading time: 2 minutes
Over the past decade, a seismic shift has occurred across the global investment landscape – the shift of assets from active investment managers towards passive, or index, strategies. This shift has been of such magnitude that in the U.S. market the total assets invested in passive strategies eclipsed the total invested with active managers in April 20191.

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London buildings

Is the FTSE finally finding its feet?

Reading time: 3 minutes
Ever since the unexpected result of the 2016 Brexit referendum, the UK market has, for many investors, fallen into the “too hard” basket. Years of uncertainty due to the implications of Brexit, Covid-led disruptions and the less-than-stellar initial Government response to the pandemic have led to UK equities being one of the least loved global developed markets.

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DRUG - a helpful prescription?

DRUG – a helpful prescription?

Reading time: 2 minutes
There is little doubt 2020 will be remembered as the ‘COVID-19 year’.
The virus and its impacts have been felt across the globe, and as we approach year’s end, promising developments in the race for a vaccine dominate the news. It seems at times the whole world looks longingly for the opportunity to return to something resembling our ‘normal’ lives.

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