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CLDD: Behind the ticker

Behind the ticker: Fighting COVID in the cloud

Reading time: 2 minutes
One thing that COVID has taught Australians (particularly Victorians) is that the quality of contact tracing is integral to keeping outbreaks to a minimum and ensuring the country can remain open. Time and time again we have heard claims from our politicians of ‘gold standard’ contact tracing,

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Core strength: working the abs of your investment portfolio

Reading time: 3 minutes
A well-diversified portfolio can assist with reducing volatility and enhancing performance returns.
And perhaps the easiest way to diversify your portfolio is to invest in what are known as ‘core’ exposures. The concept of core exposures is often used in the financial advice world and refers to the foundations of,

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Currency Matters

Reading time: 3 min
Currency, for most investors, has always been a topic that causes consternation.
While many investors recognise the diversification value that international investments can bring, the fact that, by definition, such investments bring with them currency considerations adds an additional element to the decision.

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Bracing for volatility

Bracing for Volatility?

The last few years have certainly been fruitful for some investors in the international space, with most markets showing meaningful gains. The future, however, may hold more uncertainty, with quantitative tightening and heightened geopolitical risks anticipated as we look ahead. In years gone by the response to failing markets and economies was that of fiscal and monetary stimulus (governments spending more money and lowering interest rates).

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Take it to the bank

Take it to the Bank…

The Australian banks have had a tough time of it recently. They are under increasing pressure from a Royal Commission, where a trend of past inappropriate behaviour and misconduct seems to be evident. Additionally, growth prospects appear to be subdued with a cooling housing market and tighter lending standards being applied to prospective borrowers.

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Supplying world energy – FUEL for thought?

From the looks of it, it seems as though 2018 will be a year of synchronised economic growth and gradually rising inflation. These circumstances generally create an enviable environment for certain investment sectors, with a fair bit written recently about the potential upside for industries such as banking & consumer and technology stocks.

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