alternative investment with ETFs

What’s the alternative?

As investors, many of us like to be on the lookout for new opportunities that add value to our portfolios and are trying to make sure that our portfolios are protected during market downturns. An often overlooked or misunderstood asset class that can assist in both adding value to a portfolio and provide some protection

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Found in translation

Incredible food, stunning country side scenery, gadgets galore, brilliant and efficient public transport, it’s a little quirky, it has amazing culture and has sights and sounds that make your senses come alive – Japan sure is a great place to go for a holiday and/or business trip. It is also a destination that more of

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Frankly it could be dear if you don’t give a damn – the value of franking credits

At yesterday’s meeting the RBA decided to keep official cash rates at the historic low of 1.50%p.a., and with the ‘little battler’ (our Australian dollar) still being resilient and trading between $0.75-$0.76 (vs. the USD), low cash rates look destined to continue for some time. As a result, the saver continues to be punished and

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Going against the grain

El Niño, Neutral and La Nina… The three newest BetaShares ETFs? Not quite. These are the three phases of the El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO). Back in October last year, my colleague and Chief Economist at BetaShares – David Bassanese, discussed the impacts the phase of El Niño  can have on the Australian economy and on

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