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Defence is the best offence

Defence is the best offence

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Last month, the Toronto Raptors won their first NBA Championship in franchise history against the Golden State Warriors, who had one of the most dominant offences of the last five years.  It is interesting to analyse how the Raptors pulled it off.  Not only did they lead offensively by scoring more points and making more free throws,

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Jdcom drone-640x360

ASIA: Behind the Ticker – You’ve heard of DJ’s, but what about JD.com?

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JD.com aka Jingdong could be the biggest company you’ve never heard of.
The company started as a small bricks and mortar store in Bejing in 1998 and moved online in 2004. It now provides over 314 million active customers in China with direct access to an unrivalled range of authentic high-quality products,

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short funds ASX

3 Bears – learn more about going short with ASX-traded funds

This blog was updated in February 2019.
With the longest bull market run in history maturing, it may be time to start thinking about strategies and solutions that offer protection from volatility and falling markets.
A number of commentators and investment market analysts now believe that after significant market rises in 2017 and a mixed picture for 2018,

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Active or Passive – How do you decide? Part I

Working for an ETF fund manager, investors and financial advisers simply presume that I’ll always favour a simple passive index-tracking ETF.  Make no mistake, whilst I may think that indexing is the way to go most of the time because of the obvious benefits of instant diversification, lower costs, and the historical inability of the majority of active managers to outperform their benchmarks,

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There's an ETF for that

There’s an ETF for that!

I got up early last Saturday morning and started my usual weekend routine.  Made myself a cup of coffee, a piece of toast and logged on to the AFR.
Reading through the headlines, I came across many investment themes and ideas and couldn’t help thinking to myself “There’s an ETF for that!”
Now this wasn’t always the case for the Australian market. 

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HACKED! The investment opportunity in the world’s fastest growing threat

This article was last updated in September 2019

No longer does it matter whether a company is considered “old world”, for example specialising in energy, or a service company dealing with sensitive client data such as a bank or insurance company, or a company involved in new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Crypto assets.

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Top 5 investment strategies for 2020

6 trading strategies and how to use ETPs to implement them

Exchange traded funds (ETPs) are an excellent option for those new to investing, due to a number of key advantages over other instruments:
• Low cost
• Liquidity
• Potential for diversification
• Low minimum investment amount
• Wide range of investment choices available
These advantages also make ETPs attractive vehicles for various trading and investing strategies.

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