Franklin Templeton, Author at BetaShares
Global emerging markets: Key themes driving emerging markets

Key themes driving global emerging markets

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Each year, many investors look to economic forecasts to help guide their asset allocation decision making. While the macro backdrop will certainly influence various asset classes (some more than others), there are several key trends across the globe that excite the portfolio managers of the BetaShares Legg Mason Global Emerging Markets Fund (managed fund) (ASX: EMMG) regardless of the economic forces at play.

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Emerging markets

Emerging markets: Capitalising on five positive trends

Reading time: 4 minutes
With the pandemic dominating the short-term outlook, the longer-term advantages of emerging markets companies become more important in the pursuit of return.
In this guest article, Martin Currie Australia, the investment manager of the BetaShares Legg Mason Emerging Markets Fund (managed fund) (ASX: EMMG),

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Busy highway traffic

Investing in real assets for income – and how you help generate the returns

Real assets are tangible assets like property, infrastructure and utilities and they are quite different to financial assets such as cash, bonds and shares, as they rely on you, and the rest of the population, to help them generate investment returns.
A day in the life – you use real assets every day
Without even realising it,

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