Mai Platts, Author at BetaShares

Sharemarket exposure with reduced risk – is it time to consider managed-risk investments?

In light of fairly significant sharemarket falls in recent weeks we’ve heard plenty of our clients query where the opportunities for portfolio construction may lie in asset classes other than equities or otherwise discuss potentially overlooked equity exposures. It seems that a number of our clients are adjusting their portfolios to more of a ‘risk-off’

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credit card

You get what you pay for!

As a new mother I have experienced a world entirely new to me. Other than the continuous lack of sleep, never have I been exposed to so much advertising and marketing on all the different baby products my child “absolutely, positively” needs.  Gasp! In some ways, the marketers of these products appear to be suggesting

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In the pursuit of efficiency

In this fast-paced world in which we live, where productivity and ‘being busy’ are a constant focus I find that there is increasingly less time in the day to finish all the tasks and activities I need to do.  So, I am always on the lookout for tips and tricks that can make my life

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The evolution of investing

I know this blog is 95% of the time focused on exchange traded funds (ETFs), however I would like to be slightly indulgent here – very similar to my Christmas diet, and take this post on a slight tangent. In the past few months I have been inundated with invitations from my nearest and dearest

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