Michael Brown, Author at BetaShares

The search for global quality

Reading time: 3 minutes
Market cap-weighted share indices can tend to overweight overvalued stocks and underweight undervalued stocks. Investing based on quality, on the other hand, does not consider a stock’s market capitalisation – rather it applies certain quality factors.
This approach aims to produce superior performance to market cap-weighted indices,

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Search for income beyond borders

The search for income: Looking beyond our borders

Reading time: 6 minutes
With interest rates around the world in low single digits, investors have been forced to seek stocks paying a decent dividend yield to satisfy their income requirements. In Australia, investors have turned to high dividend payers such as the big four banks (a tough call given the headwinds from the Royal Commission and fears of a housing crisis),

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Access the growing healthcare sector

Time for a dose of DRUG in your portfolio

Chatting to advisers and investors every day, a common question I get asked is “where is the money going in ETF-land?” or “what type of ETF exposure is receiving the most amount of flows?”. I thought I would answer that question with a short post on the topic. And the answer – a lot of money is currently going into drugs (or more accurately global healthcare companies!).

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An introduction to Active ETFs

Being active isn’t that hard…an introduction to Active ETFs

Over the years, the perennial debate of the relative benefits of passive versus active management has been raging amongst personal investors, finance professionals, academics and just about anyone with an interest in investing. Although there is no doubt that this discussion will continue for years to come, it has become apparent that each management style has its pros and cons and both can have their own place in an investment portfolio with respect to investor risk,

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