Peter Harper, Author at BetaShares

Rising U.S. Rates: What has historically performed best?

With the Fed raising U.S. rates on 15th March and flagging that there may be more to come, it is worth considering what has historically performed best in such rising rate environments.
To answer this question we undertook some analysis comparing the performance of various country, sector and size equity exposures during the last 10 periods of rising US 10yr bond yields (which took us back to 2001).

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The Nasdaq 100 ETF – Tick several boxes

Whilst every investor is different, there are 5 common themes we hear from many investors on an ongoing basis. They are the desire to:

Increase the diversification of portfolios
Get exposure to growth in a “low-growth” world
Get exposure offshore
Reduce exposure to the Banks and Materials Sectors in Australia
Maintain a keen focus on valuations after a long (but challenging) “Bull Market”

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The importance of Asset Allocation: A refresher

This is the fifth post in my series on the topic of asset allocation. Previously, I’ve discussed accessing asset allocation exposures,  how asset allocation is the cornerstone of active portfolio management, provided an overview on the benefits of asset allocation and given you my thoughts on implementing tactical allocations in portfolios.

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International Investing: look beyond the usual suspects

Australian investors are increasingly seeking to invest in international markets – with the mining bust and a weaker Australian dollar contributing to the desire to look offshore. With that in mind, investors looking to invest globally should be aware of the potential added benefits that arise from looking beyond the “usual suspects” when seeking international exposure.

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