Tamas Calderwood, Author at BetaShares
Invest in human progress

How to invest in human progress

Forget about fake news – have you heard the good news?  In 1990, 35% of the world’s people lived in absolute poverty.  By 2015, just 9.6% did.  By 2015, more than 1.25 billion people were lifted out of extreme poverty, which is roughly 138,000 people per day. The Brookings Institute calculates that half of the

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Fundamental Indexing

Fundamental indexing: taking the emotion (and price) out of an index

Traditional passive index investing, whereby a fund tracks the performance of a market capitalisation based index, has been and remains an excellent way to invest, and exchange traded funds or ETFs have been an efficient and practical way for investors to access such an investment strategy. Indeed, in its annual research, which tracks the performance

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