BetaShares Australian ETF Review – November 2017

BY Ilan Israelstam | 11 December 2017
November ETF review


November in the ETF industry was big! And not just big but BIG! November broke essentially every record I can think of: a) All time record FuM; b) Record $ monthly FuM growth; c) Record monthly $ net inflows; and d) All time highest monthly value traded. Told you it was big!

The Australian ETF total industry FuM at the month end was $35.5B, a growth rate of 6.0% or monthly growth of $2B. While asset growth provided approximately 35%, the majority came from net new money into the industry which amounted to a record $1.3B.

Market cap

  • ASX Exchange Traded Funds Market Cap: $35.5B – new record high!
  • Market cap growth for year: +6.0%, +$2010.4m – Record monthly FuM growth
  • Market cap growth for the last 12 months: 44.2%, +$10.9B

Comment:  As per the numbers above, the industry grew by a full $2B this month. If you look at the chart of the industry’s growth you will see a very noticeable increase in the incline of the slope. The industry is truly going from strength to strength.

New money

  • New unit growth for year (units outstanding by number): 3%
  • Net new money (units outstanding by $ value): +$1285.3m – Record monthly $ net inflows


Trading value

  • Average trading value up 38% month on month – record level of monthly trading in ETPs ($3.7B)


  • Global and US equities the best performers this month, as well as Australian Property Securities

Top 5 category inflows (by $) – November

Category                                                          Inflow Value
Australian Equities $ 825,514,283
International Equities $ 354,442,630
Fixed Income $ 134,177,684
Australian Listed Property $ 12,294,879
Multi-Asset $ 5,557,796

Top category outflows (by $) – November

Category                                                          Outflow Value
Currency ($ 37,819,378)
Cash ($ 4,911,562)
Commodities ($ 3,911,287)

Top sub-category inflows (by $) – November

Category                                                          Inflow Value
Australian Equities – Broad $ 617,461,524
Australian Bonds $ 131,104,430
International Equities – Developed World $ 120,531,638
International Equities – Sector $ 74,893,843
Australian Equities – High Yield $ 56,000,514

Top sub-category outflows (by $) – November

Category                                                          Outflow Value
Currency ($ 37,819,378)
Cash ($ 4,911,562)
Oil ($ 4,209,489)
Soft Commodities ($ 329,210)