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Build better portfolios with asset allocation (Webinar recap)

BY BetaShares ETFs | 17 April 2020
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Asset allocation can help diversify your portfolio and assists to make it more resilient to changing market conditions.

Our recent webinar with Director of Adviser Business, Blair Modica, went back to basics to explain how ETFs work, and how they may be used to diversify your portfolio.

He details how this can be achieved through blending exposures to different asset classes – the building blocks of portfolios.

Asset allocation provides diversification

The recent market volatility, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, illustrates the importance of intelligent asset allocation.

Investing in different asset classes, such as cash, bonds, shares or property, and then diversifying within each asset class, can help you build a portfolio to match your risk profile or to prepare for changing market conditions.

If you missed it, watch the webinar on demand, including the commentary and Q&A, or download a copy of the full presentation.

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