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Apple v apples

Property vs. sharemarket – the age-old debate

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Whilst interest rates are at record lows and are likely to remain there for several years based on Reserve Bank governor Phillip Lowe’s commentary1, should you be taking advantage of the current market environment by investing in property or investing in the sharemarket?

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Q&A with Troy Theobald, Director of Financial Service at Robina Financial Solutions (RFS)

In this special short series we ask experts, colleagues, clients and industry figures to answer a few questions to get an idea of their approach to investing.
What is the most important investment advice you give or have been given?
Never let any one investment be large enough that the outcome could ruin your financial future.

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ETFs paying distributions – Answering the 8 most frequently asked questions on distributions

ETF distributions – Answers to your 8 most frequently asked questions

At the beginning of each financial year, we typically receive many questions around distributions paid by ETFs. With the 19/20 financial year just a few weeks behind us, many investors will likely be turning their mind to the topic of distributions, so we thought we’d provide answers to some of the commonly asked questions.

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