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Real assets - more than just property

Real assets – more than just property

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Imagine this…
As coach of the Australian rugby team, you pick your biggest and toughest players heading into the World Cup. Fortunately, the current crop are some of the best Australia has seen. That said, they are a big bunch of lads, so will require regular interchanges to make the most of their bulldozing abilities throughout the matches.

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BetaShares Bear funds - your questions answered

BetaShares Bear Funds – some questions answered

Trading volumes in BetaShares’ three Bear equity Funds have increased dramatically as investors seek to protect themselves against – or profit from – falls in the U.S. or Australian sharemarkets.
A number of individuals have contacted us with questions around price movements in these funds, and how they relate to movements in the underlying market.

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Forward or reverse? Finding the right gear for any market direction

In many of my conversations, I come across professionals who express FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and yet still they sit on the sidelines when it comes to investing in the market. It seems that everyone these days is nervous about market valuations, and top of mind for many is how much more upside there is in the sharemarkets.

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defensive positioning - bear funds

Defensive positioning with exchange-traded products

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The S&P/ASX 200 Index hit an all-time high in late July, finally breaching the previous record set before the global financial crisis. The following two months were mixed, with a weak August followed by a strong September. With the outlook uncertain, many investors are of the view that further gains are likely to be limited,

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Investing for Income (part 2)

Reading time: 5 minutes
Earlier this month, in Investing for income (Part 1), we looked at the challenges facing investors seeking income in a low interest rate world, and presented several opportunities in the cash and fixed income asset class.
In Part 2, we explore the opportunities to earn income from equities.

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Investing for income

Investing for Income

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According to a Bloomberg report from June 2019, more than 20% (or US$11 trillion worth) of the investment-grade bonds on issue worldwide were trading at negative yields. In other words, investors buying these bonds know that if they hold them to maturity, they will receive cashflows over the life of the bond that are less than what they are paying for the bond today!

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short funds ASX

3 Bears – learn more about going short with ASX-traded funds

This blog was updated in February 2019.
With the longest bull market run in history maturing, it may be time to start thinking about strategies and solutions that offer protection from volatility and falling markets.
A number of commentators and investment market analysts now believe that after significant market rises in 2017 and a mixed picture for 2018,

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