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Rollercoaster ride

Portfolio Construction: Long-run perspectives on sharemarket risk and returns

This note puts the recent sharemarket performance in a longer-run perspective. It highlights the fact that equity returns over the short-run can be uncomfortably volatile.  The note also suggests, however, that based on some longer-run valuation measures, the market is not especially expensive at current levels. Together with recent modest returns,

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Enhancing cash returns using an ETF

Declining interest rates have been an increasing source of concern for investors who need to rely on the (relatively) secure income streams provided by cash and fixed income investments.  With this in mind, it is worth reviewing the range of cash products available – and in particular, this note compares the yields that have recently been available from bank term deposits and the Bloomberg Bank Bill Index (a benchmark of many cash/money market funds) with that of the BetaShares Australian High Interest Cash ETF (ASX Code: AAA). 

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