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Raising the benchmark: How and why fundamentally weighted indices have been outperforming

With the rotation out of high priced defensive income stocks in the Australian equity market in recent months – and toward sectors offering relatively better value, such as resources – fundamentally weighted indexing methodologies have again demonstrated their ability to outperform traditional market-cap weighted indices over time.
Dynamic value tilts through a fundamentally weighted index
We have previously discussed the merits of fundamentally-weighted indexing (FWI) methodologies over more traditional market-cap weighted indexing (MCWI) methodologies here, 

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Do buy-write strategies work on Australian equities?

Following on from our recent blog post regarding buy-write strategies in the United States market, this note considers the Australian evidence, including research relating to a buy-write strategy similar to the one underpinning the BetaShares Australian Top 20 Equity Yield Maximiser Fund (managed fund) (ASX Code:YMAX).    As will be shown, compared to a traditional “buy and hold”

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