Location, location, location! Is your ETF Australian domiciled?

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) that provide access to international markets, sectors and specific thematics continue to boom on the ASX – there are now approximately 70 ETFs providing international equity exposures. International ETFs provide Australian investors with a simple and cost effective way to access growth opportunities, including under-represented – or even absent  – sectors

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Tapping into the secular growth opportunities of the Healthcare sector

According to the World Bank, the average global life expectancy in 1970 was 71 – whereas by 2030 the expected global life expectancy will rise to 85. Due to population ageing, rising living standards and ongoing scientific advancements, spending on healthcare has increased strongly across the globe in recent decades and further strong growth is widely

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Getting tactical with exchange traded products

When it comes to exchange traded products (“ETPs”), the common perception among many investors is that they are cost-effective investments that can form part of one’s long-term core portfolio holdings.  But given the widening range of funds now available on the ASX, investors should also appreciate ETPs are also handy trading tools in their own

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