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Investing profitably with a conscience – ethical or mythical?

Current investors have never had more choice when it comes to investment opportunities, but with all this choice there’s always been one common objective – and that is to make a profit.
But what if you, as an investor, were able to make that profit by investing in companies or organisations which marry their commercial aims with sustainable,

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Thoughts on the Active vs. Passive Debate

With the strong growth in index funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) in the Australian marketplace in recent years, debate is again swirling on the benefits of active vs. passive investment management. Some commentators have suggested that index-oriented investments are merely for “dumb” investors, who have no real skills in picking mispriced securities likely to outperm the market. 

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ETF Liquidity: will it be there when I need it?

One of the many benefits of ETFs for investors is their tradability. Unlike traditional funds, ETFs can be bought and sold at any time through the Australian Securities Exchange just like an ordinary share. But since ETFs trade like shares, investors may mistakenly attempt to evaluate their liquidity in the same way they might for shares.

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