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Getting tactical with exchange traded products

When it comes to exchange traded products (“ETPs”), the common perception among many investors is that they are cost-effective investments that can form part of one’s long-term core portfolio holdings.  But given the widening range of funds now available on the ASX, investors should also appreciate ETPs are also handy trading tools in their own

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Gearing up: Utilising leverage in investment portfolios

Like most kids (and many adults I dare say), my three young girls love playing with Lego. With such a big age difference between my eldest (11) and youngest (4) we regularly have both “Lego” and “Duplo Lego” out simultaneously. For those who don’t know, Duplo is Lego for smaller children being twice the length,

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Explaining the BetaShares Geared U.S. Equity Fund (ASX: GGUS)

I joined BetaShares as Portfolio Manager and Head of Quantitative Research in mid-July 2015. It’s an exciting time to be here as since then another four people have joined and we’ve launched two new products – BetaShares Geared U.S. Equity Fund – Currency Hedged (hedge fund) (ASX: GGUS) and BetaShares U.S. Equities Strong Bear Hedge

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