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Plastic gold: Behind the recycling boom

Plastic gold: Behind the recycling boom

Reading time: 3 minutes
When we think about addressing climate change, we typically focus on direct sources of emissions, and opportunities in alternative and renewable energy. However, over the past six months, it is companies operating in less high-profile impact investment market segments such as water and waste improvement,

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Greenwashing - what is it, and how to avoid it

Greenwashing – what it is, and how to avoid it

Reading time: 4 minutes
Ethical investing is no longer a niche area. In the last few years, there has been a significant increase in interest in the space as investors look to drive change with their investment dollars. Total assets under management in sustainable investment funds have doubled over the past four years to around USD 3.6tn1.

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ESG investing - the gloves are off

ESG investing – the gloves are off

If any confirmation was needed that ESG considerations are likely to have an ongoing and increasing effect on the investment landscape, such confirmation came in mid-August. It was reported that, in an email to the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority (APRA) written in mid-April, AQR Capital Management (AQR), a major US-based investment manager,

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The ESG revolution

The ESG revolution – what is behind it?

I’m not a female portfolio manager, but a portfolio manager who happens to be a female, and in what is often referred to as an ‘old-fashioned’ and male-dominated industry, I’m here to break the mould.
My first job out of university was an operational role for another fund manager. I still remember googling ‘impressive Excel skills for interview’ the night before my first real job interview,

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Making an impact with thematic investing: the catastrophe and opportunity of climate change

Reading time: 2 minutes
Last week I read an interesting piece by someone who clearly is not a fan of thematic investing.
He demonstrated the dangers of jumping on the ‘next big thing’, pointing out, for example, the risks faced by early investors in the automobile industry.

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