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Market Insights: The Great (Currency) Fall of China

China’s exchange rate policy has led to much angst and confusion across global markets over recent months.  To their credit, the Chinese authorities have claimed they will try to maintain a “stable” value for Yuan against a basket of currencies this year.  The problem, however, is that the Chinese real exchange rate is already uncomfortably

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Bassanese’s Market Insights: $A now close to fair value, but likely to fall further

Following the Reserve Bank of Australia’s decision to cut interest rates last month, ongoing weakness in commodity prices, and heightened expectations that the United States Federal Reserve will raise interest rates within coming months, it’s no surprise the Australian dollar has taken a tumble of late.  Indeed, after a slight firming trend following the February

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Risk-on/Risk-off investing – using currency to de-risk global exposure

With the Australian dollar seemingly on a downward trend, investor interest in gaining offshore investment exposure is growing. In our recent Portfolio Construction post, we looked at some strategies to implement ‘risk-on/risk-off’ for domestic equities exposures. In this post, we look at how currency can be used to de-risk your international share allocations.

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