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global etf review Q3 2019: etf flow

Global ETF Review Q3 2019: Bursting Burry’s bubble

Reading time: 3 min
The global ETF industry ended the third quarter of 2019 at a record high, with US$5.8T1 in assets under management – reflecting growth of 20% YTD.
According to BetaShares’ Global ETF Review Q3 2019,

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India corporate tax cuts

Indian Corporate Tax Cuts: The Spark that Lights the Fire?

Reading time: 2 minutes
Late last month, the Indian Ministry of Finance announced a large reduction in the base corporate tax rate from 30% to 22%, including a preferential tax rate of 15% for new manufacturing investment. The effective tax rate will be cut to ~25% (after surcharges and levies) vs.

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Global ETF Review Q2 2019 - fixed income

Global ETF Review Q2 2019: Fixed income stretches lead

Reading time: 3 min
As 2019 reaches its half-way point, we have seen a continued and marked preference by investors for passive strategies at the expense of actively managed strategies, along with an overall preference for investing via the ETF structure. Overall U.S. ETFs received ~US$56B of net inflows versus outflows in traditional managed funds of ~US$8.5B.

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global etf review Q1 2019: Fixed income

Global ETF Review Q1 2019: Fixated on Fixed Income

Reading time: 3 min
The first quarter of 2019 saw investors continue to preference investing via the ETF structure compared to traditional mutual funds, which continued to sustain net outflows. Fixed income was most definitely the flavour of the quarter, as investors moved to a decidedly risk-off position in their portfolios.

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Abe’s Win: What does it mean for Japanese Equities?

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe recently called an early snap election, resulting in a resounding win for his party (the Liberal Democratic Party). Abe’s party now holds a two thirds majority, thereby establishing an extremely stable government, allowing for continuity and a continued focus on economic policy.
Aside from maintaining ultra-loose monetary policy through ‘Abenomics’ (confirmed in the Bank of Japan’s most recent meeting),

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Move over Macron: Italy could boost European stocks and sink the Euro

Despite the election of political centrist Emanuel Macron as French President, European investors would be wrong to conclude that threats to the sustainability of the Euro have now passed.  Indeed, a major new threat looms on the horizon – Italian elections.  Along with the prospect of higher US interest rates, this threat suggests the Euro could come under renewed downward pressure – which may,

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Value favours Europe and Japan

Due to relatively strong corporate earnings growth, the United States equity market has outperformed global peers in recent years. That said, with US interest rates – and to a degree the $US – starting to rise, there appear to be good prospects for catch-up performance by European and Japanese equities over the coming year or so.

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Rise up! How high could U.S bond yields go?

Global bond yields have started to lift over the past year after several years of trending down. This post examines how structural and cyclical factors have affected US bond yields over recent years and what a “normal” level of US bond yields might look like going forward.
We can’t blame inflation for lower bond yields
As seen in the chart below,

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Found in translation

Incredible food, stunning country side scenery, gadgets galore, brilliant and efficient public transport, it’s a little quirky, it has amazing culture and has sights and sounds that make your senses come alive – Japan sure is a great place to go for a holiday and/or business trip. It is also a destination that more of us should possibly consider investing in.

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