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Active? Passive? Or chimpanzees?

Active? Passive? Or chimpanzees?

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So you want to invest your money in stocks. You know about the benefits of diversification and want exposure to lots of stocks, but don’t necessarily have the time or expertise to select specific companies yourself.
Many people in this situation use investment managers to invest on their behalf.

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The ESG revolution

The ESG revolution – what is behind it?

I’m not a female portfolio manager, but a portfolio manager who happens to be a female, and in what is often referred to as an ‘old-fashioned’ and male-dominated industry, I’m here to break the mould.
My first job out of university was an operational role for another fund manager. I still remember googling ‘impressive Excel skills for interview’ the night before my first real job interview,

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EOFY tips for new investors

Five EOFY tips for new investors

Reading time: 4 minutes
This week we add Ele de Vere to our panel of Launchpad writers. Five years ago, Ele planted her feet in Sydney after relocating from across the ditch. She hasn’t looked back! Growing up, Ele always had an interest in money and investing – first dipping her toes in the sharemarket when she was 18.

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