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Devil in the details: is your Ethical ETF truly ethical?

Although “ethical” investing is clearly on the rise, some investors may be dismayed to find what they thought was an ethically orientated investment fund may still be exposed to industries that many values-based investors would be looking to avoid, such as fossil fuel generation, armaments, gambling, tobacco, junk food and alcohol. In this post I look

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Supplying world energy – FUEL for thought?

From the looks of it, it seems as though 2018 will be a year of synchronised economic growth and gradually rising inflation. These circumstances generally create an enviable environment for certain investment sectors, with a fair bit written recently about the potential upside for industries such as banking & consumer and technology stocks. Amongst the

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How to get a piece of Warren Buffett’s favourite stock

Famed American investor Warren Buffett is known to carefully assess his major stock purchases from a very long-run valuation perspective.  In this light, his recently revealed favourite stock is instructive for what it says about the US tech sector, and the NASDAQ-100 in particular. Buffett – An Apple in his eye In a regulatory filing

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Market corrections: How bad can they get?

The drop back in US equity prices over the past two weeks has had reverberations around the world.   At this early stage, it still seems likely this period will prove only a “correction” in the ongoing global equity bull market.  In this post I analyse historical market corrections with the data suggesting that the worst

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Market downturns and the 3 bears

The volatility and declining performance of the markets over the last few weeks have certainly put some investors on edge and have been a timely reminder that, just as markets were kind to investors last year, and by and large trended up, markets can indeed go down. Given the recent volatility, depending on how your

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$US Weakness

Why is the $US so weak?

One of the surprise global market developments over the past year has undoubtedly been weakness in the $US. Why? This note suggests that, rather than simply blaming a dovish Fed or an erratic US President, the main driver of $US weakness has been the broadening (or “synchronisation”) of global growth over the past year, which

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