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Nothing is certain, except death, taxes - and Aussie dividends?

Nothing is certain, except death, taxes – and Aussie dividends?

Reading time: 4 minutes
When it comes to thinking about returns from your Aussie shares, for many people, dividends are a big part of the story, and historically dividends have made up a significant proportion of the total returns of Australian sharemarket.
Australian companies on average have among the highest dividend yields1 and payout ratios2 in the developed world.

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BetaShares’ top HACK for thematic investing

Reading time: 3 min
Earlier this month Symantec Corp., possibly the best-known name in cybersecurity, completed the sale of its Enterprise cybersecurity business, and the rights to the Symantec name, to Broadcom Inc. Symantec Corp., which makes Norton Antivirus, kept its consumer business but has rebranded as part of the deal,

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defensive positioning - bear funds

Defensive positioning with exchange-traded products

Reading time: 4 minutes
The S&P/ASX 200 Index hit an all-time high in late July, finally breaching the previous record set before the global financial crisis. The following two months were mixed, with a weak August followed by a strong September. With the outlook uncertain, many investors are of the view that further gains are likely to be limited,

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ex20 - australian stocks

Less is more. Is removing the largest 20 stocks EXactly what you’ve been looking for?

Reading time: 3 minutes
Statistically speaking, most active managers of broad-based Australian equity funds have failed to beat their benchmark. The table below, taken from the SPIVA report from S&P Dow Jones, illustrates that just under 80% of actively-managed Australian equity funds underperformed their benchmark over the last five years to end December 2018.

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India: Is now the time to invest?

Reading time: 4 minutes
Despite a strong long-term economic growth outlook, the Indian economy has slowed over recent quarters and its sharemarket has under-performed global peers so far this year.  With policy stimulus on the way, this could offer a buying opportunity, assuming the Indian economy manages to rebound over the second half of this year.

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Investing for Income (part 2)

Reading time: 5 minutes
Earlier this month, in Investing for income (Part 1), we looked at the challenges facing investors seeking income in a low interest rate world, and presented several opportunities in the cash and fixed income asset class.
In Part 2, we explore the opportunities to earn income from equities.

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