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Answers to your most-asked webinar FAQs

Reading time: 3 minutes
A large audience dialled into the latest of our fortnightly ‘Virus Crisis’ webinars last week. We received many questions from those who attended. David Bassanese, BetaShares Chief Economist, has provided responses to some of the most-asked questions by attendees.
1. You mentioned V,

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defensive positioning - bear funds

Defensive positioning with exchange-traded products

Reading time: 4 minutes
The S&P/ASX 200 Index hit an all-time high in late July, finally breaching the previous record set before the global financial crisis. The following two months were mixed, with a weak August followed by a strong September. With the outlook uncertain, many investors are of the view that further gains are likely to be limited,

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investing for income in a low interest rate environment

Investing for Income in a Low Interest Rate Environment

Reading time: 10 minutes
With interest rates at historic lows, investors who rely on cash or government bonds for income returns are having a harder time making ends meet.
For risk-conscious investors, the good news is that there is a range of innovative cash and fixed income investment exposures on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) that offer attractive income returns,

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Investing for Income (part 2)

Reading time: 5 minutes
Earlier this month, in Investing for income (Part 1), we looked at the challenges facing investors seeking income in a low interest rate world, and presented several opportunities in the cash and fixed income asset class.
In Part 2, we explore the opportunities to earn income from equities.

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Investing for income

Investing for Income

Reading time: 5 minutes
According to a Bloomberg report from June 2019, more than 20% (or US$11 trillion worth) of the investment-grade bonds on issue worldwide were trading at negative yields. In other words, investors buying these bonds know that if they hold them to maturity, they will receive cashflows over the life of the bond that are less than what they are paying for the bond today!

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The ETPs your SMSF needs to know about

Your SMSF needs to know about these ETPs

If you’re utilising a self-managed super fund (SMSF) for your superannuation, then you’ll want to be very smart and strategic about the portfolio that makes up that SMSF. After all, it is your retirement fund, and accumulating as much wealth through it as possible is essential.
Many people look to SMSFs in order to give them control over their superannuation.

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Why Do SMSFs Choose to Invest in ETFs?

ETFs have been gaining popularity with Australian investors since they first launched on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) nearly 17 years ago. For many SMSF Trustees, ETFs offer a combination of advantages that align well with many SMSF and retirement planning goals. For a number of SMSFs, ETFs can be a particularly useful investment option and can be used in combination with traditional actively managed funds and individual shares.

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