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Global robotics

The Rise of the Robot: How Robotics are changing the face of the labour force

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We are becoming more accustomed to the presence of robots in our daily lives, whether that be through automated vacuums or the involvement of robots in completing our online shopping purchases – robots are moving to the mainstream. However, have you thought about how they are shaping the way we work?

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queen of the internet

What the Queen of the Internet’s latest report means for tech investors

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Every year in June, a report is published that is essential reading for anyone interested in investing in the tech sector. Written by the woman dubbed the ‘Queen of the Internet’, Bond Capital founder Mary Meeker, the Internet Trends Report has become the most highly anticipated slide deck in Silicon Valley due to its ability to recognise the most important statistics and technology trends in the interconnected world of today.

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Global Robotics

Global Robotics: potential value opportunities following the market pull back

As a high growth sector with strong exposure to Asian markets, it’s no surprise that global robotics companies suffered a setback with the downturn in global equity markets in 2018.  That said, given the strong longer-term outlook for robotics remains generally undiminished, the recent pull back in prices has improved valuations and may provide investors an entry point into this attractive investment theme.*
Market pull back drags down robots
Along with the downturn in global markets and Asian sharemarkets in particular,

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Age of Innovation

The age of innovation – how the NASDAQ 100 and the ASX 100 compare

BetaShares launched its NASDAQ-100 ETF (ASX code: NDQ) in May 2015, and since then the fund has been on a steady upwards trajectory. The performance of the fund has been over 27% in the past year to end February 2018, driven by strong earnings growth in the technology, healthcare and consumer sectors that dominate the NASDAQ-100 Index (‘Index’) that the fund aims to track. 

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HACKED! The investment opportunity in the world’s fastest growing threat

This article was last updated in September 2019

No longer does it matter whether a company is considered “old world”, for example specialising in energy, or a service company dealing with sensitive client data such as a bank or insurance company, or a company involved in new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence or Crypto assets.

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