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BetaShares Australian ETF Review – August 2016

BY Ilan Israelstam | 13 September 2016

The Australian exchange traded fund industry hit a new all-time high in August of $23.6 billion in funds under management (FUM). The industry gained a modest 1% (or $220 million) in FUM, building on the positive growth from July, which had marked the previous record.

Market Size & Growth

  • ASX Exchange Traded Funds Market Cap: $23.6B – New all-time record
  • Market cap growth for month:  +0.9%, +$219.9m
  • Market cap growth for last twelve months: 22.5%, +$4.4B

New Money

  • New unit growth for month (units outstanding by number): +4.5%
  • Net new money (units outstanding by $ value): +$280.1m

Comment: In a month where global markets either dipped or went sideways, 100% of the industry’s growth was attributable to net inflows (i.e. as opposed to asset growth)


  • 184 Exchange Traded Products trading on the ASX
  • 5 new products launched this month

Comment:  We added three new funds to our BetaShares Global Sector Series- BetaShares Global Banks ETF – Currency Hedged (BNKS), BetaShares Global Agriculture  ETF – Currency Hedged (FOOD), BetaShares Global Healthcare ETF – (DRUG). In addition Australia’s first actively managed multi-asset exchange traded product was launched, AMP Capital’s DMKT which was followed by another multi-asset product from a new exchange traded issuer, fund manager Schroders.

Trading Value

Average trading value increased 12% month on month


Best performers this month were Asian Equities, Japanese Equities – Currency Hedged (via HJPN), and Oil (via OOO).

Top 5 category inflows (by $) – August 2016

Category Inflow Value
International Equities $139,219,235
Fixed Income $82,826,036
Australian Equities $51,051,521
Commodities $24,885,937
Short $22,848,573

Top category outflows (by $) – August 2016

Category   Outflow Value
Cash ($71,074,556)

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