BetaShares Australian ETF Review – September 2017

BY Ilan Israelstam | 17 October 2017
September ETF Review

Another month, another billion dollars…

The Australian ETF industry rose to a fresh record high in September after another strong period of growth. Total industry FuM at the month end was $32B, which represented growth of 3.5%, or $1076m.

September was the 6th largest month of AuM growth for the industry of all time. While asset appreciation aided this rise, the majority (65%) of the month’s growth came from net new money. For the second time in a row, global equities exposures received the largest flows, particularly via broad market developed world products.

Market Size & Growth

ETF Review September 2017

Market cap

  • ASX Exchange Traded Funds Market Cap: $32.0B– new record high!
  • Market cap growth for year: +3.5%, +$1076.3m
  • Market cap growth for the last 12 months: 32.7%, +7.8B

Comment: There have been 6 months so far where the ETF industry has grown by $1B or more. September represented the 6th largest asset growth to date but the record remains July 2015 (where $1.4B of growth was recorded)

New money

  • New unit growth for year (units outstanding by number): 1.8%
  • Net new money (units outstanding by $ value): +$686.5m


  • 216 Exchange Traded Products trading on the ASX
  • 4 new products launched this month including two active funds from Platinum (Global and Asian equities), a Robotics themed fund and a Global Infrastructure fund

Trading value

  • Trading value was down 23% month on month


Top 5 category inflows (by $) – September

Category                                                          Inflow Value
International Equities $ 317,849,959
Australian Equities $ 163,117,407
Fixed Income $ 119,311,786
Cash $ 44,694,131
Commodities $ 28,478,854

Top category outflows (by $) – September

Category                                                          Outflow Value
Australian Listed Property ($ 11,351,840)

Top sub-category inflows (by $) – September

Category                                                          Inflow Value
International Equities – Developed World $ 169,603,198
Australian Equities – Broad $ 122,562,280
Australian Bonds $ 95,172,842
Cash $ 44,694,131
International Equities – Asia $ 36,452,627

Top sub-category outflows (by $) – September

Category                                                                  Outflow Value
Australian Listed Property ($ 11,351,840)
Oil ($ 841,062)


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