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Introducing Launchpad: a guide for the millennial investor

BY Gavin Montgomery | 24 March 2021

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The world of investing can be overwhelming to get your head around – plagued by an array of jargon and acronyms, and always changing! For many younger investors, the financial crises of the past two decades may have left a rather bad impression of even the idea of investing, as they occurred right around our coming of age. So it’s no surprise that there’s hesitation, even fear, when it comes to investing and building wealth.

Enter Launchpad, a new blog series from BetaShares, written by our team to help younger investors build their knowledge of investing – and hold the jargon!

We will be sharing several pieces over the coming months. Most importantly, we want to make it as useful and relevant as possible. Please share your ideas, questions and any feedback along the way.

Where can you find Launchpad articles?

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What topics will Launchpad cover?

We’ll be looking at:

  • Getting started (the ‘how?’): We’ll step through getting off the investing starting blocks, looking at online brokerage platforms, investment platforms and personal brokers.
  • Getting started (the ‘what?’): We’ll delve into the basics of constructing your investment portfolio, discussing different assets like shares, commodities, cash and those ‘mysterious’ bonds that we hear so much about.
  • Products: We’ll touch on the huge selection of investment products out there. We’ll help to develop your understanding of the accessibility, structure, diversification and cost of what’s available.
  • The rest: We’ll share our favourite books, podcasts and stories from the ground – anything along the way which may help you to build your investment knowledge or may otherwise be of interest to you.

A handshake

Every blog needs an author. We think it’s important to deliver relatable content for millennials by millennials – this doesn’t mean memes and craft beer reviews, but rather a simple, trustworthy source of investment know-how.

Allow us to introduce three of BetaShares’ Launchpad authors:

Gav (myself):

I spent a fair portion of my upbringing jumping all around the globe – having lived throughout Asia, I was exposed to large financial hubs and bustling cities from a young age. At primary school, I used to hustle Yu-Gi-Oh cards so that I could buy Fanta and Mars Bars at lunch break. After a gruelling four years studying Economics and Finance at Uni, I joined the BetaShares team where I have now been for two and a half years. At BetaShares I have the pleasure of discussing the key components of portfolio construction with finance professionals all around Australia.


Benny loves financial markets so much that he dedicated a year of his life after his Bachelor of Finance to writing a thesis on behavioural finance theory. In early 2020, he was flown to Seattle to compete in an ethically-focused investment competition with some of the world’s most gifted millennials in the investing space. When Ben isn’t out hiking or flogging people at tennis, he spends his time wedged in the darkest recess of the BetaShares office, poring over Excel spreadsheets and ETF analytics.


After paying his dues studying Economics and Accounting at the University of Sydney, Tom hit the skies travelling from South East Asia to South America and everywhere in between. Eventually, he planted his feet in London, where he decided to focus on the fundamentals and inner workings of a variety of industries through audit accounting. It was during this time he applied his growing knowledge of company fundamentals to an investment approach he has been refining ever since. Now he’s back on home soil and sharing his unique perspectives and approach with the rest of the team (and fitting in a pint when he has the time).

What’s next?

Over the next few weeks, we’ll feature articles from Ben and Tom to help build a stronger knowledge base and understanding for what you need to get the ball rolling.

Tom will discuss the investment universe – including a round-up of who’s who in the Aussie investment management, advice and brokerage space. He will touch on price and accessibility, and what investors should consider in assessing the options.

Ben will look at portfolio construction – delving into the different types of investments – stocks, bonds and cash – and how they can be combined to form a well-rounded portfolio that could help you reach your financial goals. What kind of risk are you taking on and what kind of return can you expect?

We’re excited to launch this new series and look forward to having you join us!

If there are any particular topics you would like us to cover in future editions, please let us know at


  1. Richard  |  March 24, 2021

    How do I sign up somebody else to receive your new education product “Launchpad: a guide for the millennial investor” please

    1. Gavin Montgomery  |  March 25, 2021

      Hi Richard,

      The Launchpad articles will be included in our usual newsletter for the time being. You are able to sign up to these on the top of our website “Subscribe to our newsletter”.

      We might look at having a separate newsletter specifically for these blogs in the future though. We’ll keep you posted.


  2. John Macey  |  March 24, 2021

    What a good idea. Congratulations!

    You may be interested in the investing advice I give to any new investors:-
    Portfolio Base:-
    30% NDQ.ASX That’s the top 100 stocks on the US NASDAQ stock exchange converted to Aus$. (APPLE, AMAZON, FACEBOOK, GOOGLE, MICROSOFT, NETFLIX, etc)
    20% ASIA.ASX That’s the top 100 Asian tech companies converted to Aus$
    10% ATEC.ASX That’s the top 100 Aus tech companies
    10% RBTZ.ASX That’s a selection of leading Robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies, converted to Aus$.
    The remaining 30% ,in good, hi-growth ASX listed stocks, at no more than 3% each.

    BetaShares ETFs are at the core (for good diversity, security, hi-growth reasons)

    Leave the money on the fridge – Lol!


    1. Gavin Montgomery  |  March 25, 2021

      Hi John,

      Appreciate the feedback.

      We will definitely be covering portfolio construction in future pieces – watch this space.


  3. Noel Devine  |  March 24, 2021

    Look forward to being educated!

    1. Gavin Montgomery  |  March 25, 2021

      Look forward to educating!


  4. Mark  |  March 29, 2021

    So does this mean click on “Subscribe to Bassanese Bites” to subscribe to the weekly insights newsletter?
    It’s a bit confusing guys!

    1. Tom Wickenden  |  March 31, 2021

      Hi Mark,

      Sorry for the confusion. We will be adding the links in the article to make this easier shortly.

      To subscribe and receive new Launchpad articles please subscribe to our newsletter. You can find the link to do this at the top of our website.

      Hope this helps!


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