[Infographic] The explosive growth potential of cloud computing | BetaShares

[Infographic] The explosive growth potential of cloud computing

BY Holly Morgan | 21 April 2021
Cloud computing

The next global tech revolution?

The adoption of the cloud is arguably one of the most significant business transformations we have seen since the early days of the world wide web.

Given ongoing growth in online activity, and the sizable share of the world’s digital data and software applications still maintained outside of the cloud, continued strong growth in cloud-related services has been forecast.

Investors seeking to gain exposure to cloud computing can consider the BetaShares Cloud Computing ETF (ASX: CLDD).

CLDD is the first ETF traded on the ASX to focus on the cloud computing market, providing convenient, cost-effective access to a diversified portfolio of leading companies in the global cloud computing industry.

There are risks associated with investment in CLDD, including market risk, technology sector risk, international investment risk and concentration risk. CLDD’s returns can be expected to be more volatile (i.e. vary up and down) than a broad global shares exposure, given its concentrated sector exposure. CLDD should only be considered as a component of a diversified portfolio. For more information on risks and other features of CLDD, please see the Product Disclosure Statement, available at www.betashares.com.au.

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