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Top 5 blogs of 2020

BY BetaShares ETFs | 2 January 2021

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There was no shortage of things to write about in 2020! Among our most-read blogs of the last 12 months were articles on the corona virus and its implications for investors, analysis of the most bitterly-contested U.S. Presidential election in history and what it might mean for the markets, and blogs explaining some of the finer points of ETFs.

Below are five of the year’s most popular blogs.


ETFs distributions – Answers to your 8 most frequently asked questions

BetaShares, 15 July 2020
At the end of the financial year, we receive many questions around distributions paid by ETFs. Read on for the answers to some of your most frequently-asked questions.


Behind the ticker: Robotics and A.I. leaders spearheading the battle with COVID-19

Cameron Gleeson, 26 August 2020
Learn about the robotics and artificial intelligence companies leading the fight against COVID-19, and how investors can get exposure to the sector.


SPIVA study and the myth of active management outperformance

Cameron Gleeson, 22 July 2020
How many active managers outperform the broad market benchmark? What percentage maintain that outperformance over an extended period? The latest findings about the ‘staying power’ of active managers may surprise.


U.S. election: Three possible scenarios, and ways investors could play them

Adam O’Connor, 28 October 2020
The U.S. Presidential election is less than a week away. We take a look at three possible outcomes, and consider investment exposures that may benefit in each scenario.


ETF 101 – Understanding fair value

Alistair Mills, 10 June 2020
How is the fair value of an ETF calculated? How do I know an ETF is trading near its fair value? For answers to these questions and more, read on, as we explain ETF liquidity and how an ETF’s structure helps to keep its price at or close to its fair value.


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