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Register with Link Market Services and update your communication preferences. 

How to register

After you’ve made an investment with BetaShares, you’ll need to register with Link Market Services and set your communication preferences to receive email notifications when information about your investment is issued.

There are no costs involved to set up and use your Link account, and it’s fast and easy to do.

Set up instructions can be found:

  • In the welcome letter sent to you from Link Market Services Link Market Services is the unit registry for BetaShares’ ASX traded funds. or alternatively,
  • following the set up guide below, or download the guide here.

Set up guide:

  1. Visit the Link Investor Centre homepage
  2. Under “Single Holding Login”, enter details in the following sections:
    • Issuer name
    • HIN
    • Postcode
  3. Click log in.

After you’ve logged in, set your communication preferences to electronic to receive ongoing information about your investments via email.


Registering with Link Market Services is fast & simple to do.
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Expand the sections below for further information where to find the Issuer name, your HIN and Postcode.

For all BetaShares funds (excluding partnership funds):
BETA – BetaShares Exchange Traded Funds

If you’ve invested in a partnership fund, the issuer name will be different.

BetaShares/Legg Mason funds:
LEGG – Legg Mason Asset Management Australia Limited

BetaShares/AMP funds:
AMPC – AMP Capital – Active Exchange Traded Managed Funds

A HIN is a unique number that is issued to you by ASX when you become a client of a broker. You can find your HIN on a CHESS statement, Welcome letter, trade note confirmation, or by logging into your online brokerage account.

A HIN starts with the letter X and followed by a series of numbers, e.g. X0001234567. If you’re looking for your HIN via your brokerage account or trade note, it may be displayed without the X. e.g. 1234567

The postcode of your address used with your online broker or issuer sponsored account.

Updating communication preferences to email

Ensure you stay up to date with your investments by receiving notifications via email.

BetaShares is happy to assist investors that wish to elect to receive electronic communications.


Register for electronic communications through BetaShares

Thank you for supporting the transition towards a more sustainable and convenient way of receiving information about your investments.
Register here

Thank you, request successful.

If you don't receive a confirmation email in 30 minutes, contact BetaShares on 1300 487 577 during business hours.

What you’ll need:

  • Trading Account Name
  • Your HIN or Holder Identification Number Your HIN starts with the letter X and followed by a series of numbers (e.g. X00012345678). If you're looking for your HIN via your brokerage account, it may be displayed without the X (e.g. 12345678).

Alternatively follow the details below:

1. Log into your Link account

2. Click the “Communications” tab

3. Click “Preferences”

4. Check “All communications electronically”

5. Select or enter the relevant email address

6. Click “Next”



Note: Relevant communications are sent to your Investor Centre account by default. Paper based correspondence is not issued.  We encourage investors to be mindful of the environmental impact of paper-based communications, however you can request to receive paper-based correspondence if desired by making this election on the “Communication Preferences” tab.



You will receive a welcome letter detailing how to set up your account with Link Market Services, via their Investor Centre. Click here for further information on setting this up. You’ll also receive a CHESS statement.

All investment related correspondence is sent electronically to your Link Market Services Centre by default. You may elect to receive paper based correspondence via the “Preferences” tab in your Link account. We encourage investors to be mindful of the environmental impact of paper-based communications.

Stay on top of your investments by receiving correspondence via email. Set this up via the “Preferences” section under the “Communication” tab after you log in to your Link account.

For as long as your investment, you will receive:

  • Statements for any further transactions you make
  • Distribution statements – if the fund has paid a distribution
  • Annual statements – detailing the investment balance, transactions, and management costs paid during that period.
  • Tax statements – if your investment has paid a distribution during the financial year.

If you sell out of a fund entirely, you will receive an exit statement.

Understanding Distribution Reinvestment Plans (DRP)

Instead of receiving distributions as cash, distributions are used to buy more units in the fund.
A DRP, or Distribution Reinvestment Plan, can be an excellent way to compound the value of your investment overtime, which may appeal to those with longer investment timeframes, or those seeking growth over income from that particular investment.
If the BetaShares fund is eligible for DRP, you can elect to participate in a DRP for some, or all of the distribution amount.
Read the fund’s product disclosure statement (PDS) to see if DRP is available.

If available for the fund, investors can opt-in to the DRP through the Link Market Services Investor Portal. Simply log in to your account and update your DRP preference (partial or full) next to each fund you’re wishing to participate in the DRP.


Many of our funds pay distributions monthly, quarterly or annually. These will typically be passed on to investors in cash or reinvested in the fund if participating in a DRP. To see a fund’s distribution frequency, view the product disclosure statement (PDS).

To the extent that the underlying holdings of the fund receive franking credits, these credits will normally be passed on to investors.

Franking credits levels are reported in the annual tax statements regardless of whether you take your dividends in cash or participate in a DRP.

BetaShares recommends that you speak to your tax adviser about your investment.

Tax statements

If a fund has paid a distribution during a financial year, you will receive a tax statement. This will detail income received during that financial year.

To assist you in completing your Australian tax return, view the BetaShares tax guide. The guide can be used together with the tax statement you will receive for each BetaShares fund you hold. View the guide here.

BetaShares recommends that you speak to your tax adviser about your investment.

A tax statement will be sent if your investment has paid a distribution during the financial year. If your investment has paid a distribution your tax statement will be available via the Link Investor Centre.

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