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Tax Resources & Information 

FY19/20 Tax Statements – available now via Link’s Investor Centre.

Receive next year’s tax statement directly to your email

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FY19/20 Tax Guide

  • Download a copy of our FY 19/20 Tax guide here.

BetaShares Tax Statements have gone digital

  • BetaShares Tax Statements will no longer be sent via post, unless specifically requested via Link.
  • We’ve made this change for unitholder convenience and to reduce the carbon footprint associated with paper-post sends.

Every year in July, tax statements are issued to investors in all BetaShares funds that have paid a distribution during the previous financial year (1 July to 30 June).  The statements are prepared by BetaShares’ unit registry, Link Market Services, and contain the relevant information that you, or your accountant, require in order to prepare the section of your annual tax return relevant to your BetaShares investment.

Whereas in previous years these tax statements were printed and sent by post to investors, we have now changed the default tax statement communication position from paper post to digital.

As such, for the 2020 Financial year and going forward BetaShares Fund Tax Statements will not be sent via paper post unless specifically requested. We’ve made this change for unitholder convenience but also to reduce the carbon footprint associated with paper-post sends.

Supporting the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife

To mark the transition to digital communications, BetaShares is donating 100% of the cost that would have been spent on printing and posting our Fund Tax Statements for the 2020 financial year to the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife.